Like a virgin! Posting for the very first Time!!!!!

I have shit tons of sex stuff to talk about and I am learning to express myself and maybe gain some like-minded individuals to share with, learn with and grow! My name is Monet Wilson and I am a 31 year old phone sex operator, cam girl and adult content Creator. I love sex! I love talking about sex! I love having sex! I love helping others learn about sex! I love fetish! I am currently into learning more about being a giantess and Dominating little tiny men and fart fetish pft!! By nature I am largely dominant! I enjoy so many things and I am learning all the time! I really enjoy helping people discover what they enjoy about sex and how to make it better!! I am gonna take some time here to post,get some things off my chest and learn some new and old tricks! Help me y’all!!

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